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How Much Does Pest Control Cost in Singapore?

In the contemporary world, pests are a real menace (even more threatening than they were a few decades ago. Example, in the past few years Singapore has witnessed a countrywide resurgence in bed bugs populations and this is due to the fact that international travel and migration has intensified in the last decade. For those of us who are unaware of their presence or have never chanced to lay eyes on one of these scurrying creatures, bed bugs are small insects that feed off warm-blooded mammals such as humans and animals and are mostly active at night. If you have come across bugs, you’ll attest to the fact that infestations often goes unnoticed until they populate to such a level that it becomes difficult if not downright impossible to get rid of them.

How Much Does Pest Control Cost In Singapore?

Bed bugs are just among some of the pest that you will have to frequently deal with as long as you are alive. Others bugging creatures includes: flies, rats, mosquitoes, mice, lizards, scorpions, moths, snakes to mention just but a few. If for some reasons such as time limitations or inability to research you are unable to assess your pest problems and safely apply the appropriate procedures and materials needed to control them or completely rid of them, you may want to hire a pest control service. This might be a good idea taken that a licensed professional pest control service is equipped with specialized equipment, pesticides and technical training needed to handle the pest problem but at what cost?

Pest control cost Singapore can vary based on a variety of different factors; everything from the location of your house to the type of pest that you want to eradicate, the extent of infestation and the type of pest service. Additionally, the average cost of a pest control treatment can differ based on whether you perform the eradication process as a do-it-yourself project or decide to hire a professional pest control service to do the job for you.

With the current economic rates, it might be a good idea to do the job of pest control yourself that is if you are well versed with the topic and where pest infestation is not severe. In a do-it-yourself procedure it is advisable to first determine the type of pest you have and want to eliminate in your home. Other steps in the eradication process will cost you nothing or next to nothing, such as trimming the trees and shrubs in your garden, sealing holes and cracks in the walls of your house and keeping a well-ventilated home.

Despite our keen sense of saving, certain kinds of pests such as termites and severe bed bug infestations will often require a professional pest control service. Pest control cost Singapore varies based on a number of factors. Such factors includes: the size of your home, the frequency with which the pest control company comes out, pest control products used, type of pest to eliminate, the type of pest service and sometimes the extent of infestation. Typically, a good professional pest control Singapore service will not fluctuate much based on the problem but on frequency of pest control service.

Frequency of visits paid to your home is very vital when computing prices and which pest control Singapore companies to choose. This is because some pest control services will advertise a $30 a month program, while all they are really selling is a $120 quarterly service. And as you might have come to discover, quarterly services are rarely effective when dealing with certain buggers! The whole idea is to eventually rid your home of bugs and prevent a possible re-infestation.

Another important factor to consider is the type of pest control products being used. In a professional pest control Singapore environment you can be guaranteed that there are a number of generic pest control products (just like in any other industry out there). And the results are guaranteed to vary as well with natural pest control products and green pest control services rating higher than traditional pest programs. 

Though a regular service pest control cost in Singapore averages $80 to $100 a month or $100 to $150 for a quarterly service prices will vary depending of the type of pest services a pest control company is offering you.

Size of area to be covered in the extermination process also matters in a pest control bill. For a normal sized home (2000 square feet) in Singapore regular pest control prices will run as follows: Monthly range - $80 -$100, Bi-Monthly Range - $100 - $120 and quarterly services -$100 - $150 for a first time service. It is possible to find better services at lower prices but from experience the products used are bound to be always cheaper and the hired help not dedicated or worse semi-trained. And isn’t you and your family’s health worth a little bit more? 

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