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Disinfection Services Singapore – What are disinfectants?

Disinfection Services Singapore – Disinfectants refer to any chemical or physical methods that destroy viruses and other forms of pathogens. They are also chemicals that can destroy viruses, bacteria, and other microbes.

Disinfectants are different from antiseptics that only prevent the growth and development of viruses but do not kill them. In reality, disinfectants offer complete sterilization in an inexpensive way and in a way that does not destroy the forms of life.

It is tough to get ideal disinfectants, the one we have, therefore, are only able to sterilize. Spores have proved too resistant to disinfectants compared to viruses and some other bacteria. Some are harmful to human beings and animals.

Commonly used disinfectants:

1. Chlorine-

Chlorine is added to reduce the presence of viral diseases that could be present on surfaces.

2. Chlorine dioxide-

This acts as an advanced chlorine disinfectant to reduce the effects of the spread of viruses at the domestic level. Recently it has replaced chlorine because it has proved to have little by-products.

3. Dettol-

Dettol is used by barbers and salons to kill viral infections.

4.Hydrogen peroxide-

Widely used in pharmacies, clinics, and in hospitals to disinfect surfaces. When mixed with colloidal silver, it becomes more effective when sanitizing surfaces contaminated with coronavirus and other viruses. Another advantage of using hydrogen peroxide is the fact that it causes little allergic reactions compared to other disinfectants.

These smooth surfaces are the dental tools but do not act well on porous materials such as wood and foam that are opaque to the light.

Several disinfectant services used:

1.Office and commercial disinfection

The common disinfectants that are used here include hydrogen peroxide, and the other one is lactic acid-based disinfectants. The equipment of disinfectants application is the electrostatic spray and a dry -fogger equipment. The rates of the work depending on the size of a commercial building and the size of the office. The rates usually vary according to situations.

2.Disinfection for an HDB.These are condos and landed properties.

These are most suitable for high rise units and other properties lying on the land. The common disinfectants used here are, chlorine dioxide and hydrogen peroxide. The specialized dry- fogger and the electrostatic sprays are commonly used here. The disinfectant rates vary with the number of landed properties and the level of a house height-wise. However, extra charges apply for areas confirmed and suspected with Covid-19 existence.

3.General cleaning tied with viral disinfection.

It refers to basic disinfecting or an optional add-on. The equipment used here is the standard cleaning equipment, and the category of the disinfectant is household disinfectant solutions.

7 Reasons Why Disinfection Is Necessary

Office disinfection in progress
Office disinfection in progress

Right hygiene is essential for maintaining good health. This minimizes the danger of acquiring infections. You can be safe from illness-inducing bacteria. As we are not sure where contamination could be, a daily disinfectant routine is best to habituate. This will prevent the cause and effect of bacteria by eliminating them. It also minimizes the chances of their survival on the disinfected surfaces.


Treating any surface by a chemical/physical means to eliminate or reduce the harmful microorganisms to an acceptable range is disinfection.


The disinfecting process is done with a good cleaning and disinfecting solutions. The solution should be in suitable concentrations maintained at the right temperature. This is for the disinfectant solution to remain on the contact surface for thorough absorption into the microbial cell walls. This will deactivate and kill them. A sufficient dwell time of disinfectant is essential to eliminate microbes from the surfaces. Always air-dry the surface and not clean with a wet cloth after a disinfectant is sprayed or laid on. Do not mix chemical solutions with detergents as it can impact their action of disinfection. At times it can be risky as well.

Disinfection service in Singapore
Disinfection service in Singapore



A naked eye cannot see pathogens, and hence it becomes hectic to handle them. A disinfectant helps to curb their survival environment. As disinfectants have reliable components, they can restrain bacteria or virus growth and survival on the disinfected surface. Poor hygiene creates a thriving environment for bacterial growth. Hence, a disinfectant is required to sterilize this environment, and to maintain it; good health is needed.


Locations such as hospitals, bathrooms, etc. can spread viruses quickly if disinfection is not done appropriately. Regular and adequately eliminate the bacteria. With several individuals visiting, contamination and bacteria-spreading can occur anywhere.

To remove pathogens and remain on the surface for long, disinfection is the best solution. This is because only cleaning may not eliminate pathogens. Cleaning followed by sanitization/disinfection destroys them. Proper sterilization is essential. This will ensure the elimination of pathogens even from clean surfaces and equipment.

Virus free environment
Virus free environment


Health is wealth. However, shielding ourselves from pathogens is not an easy job as they cannot be spotted easily. Eliminating them hence becomes a more tedious task to accomplish. Though disinfecting is a time-taking and tedious job, it is the best solution to prevent and protect ourselves. It is worth the process to keep you and your family healthy. A healthy individual can guard his/her family, as well.


Your family is important to you, and your health is vital to your family. Appropriate disinfection of surfaces breeding pathogens is essential. A daily routine of disinfecting surfaces and its need should be made clear to your family for proper maintenance. This will keep the entire house and your family healthy. Cleaning everything from doorknobs to all the surfaces is crucial. This is because pathogens can grow anywhere.

Safety of family
Safety of family


The primary reason for HAIs is the infections at surgical sites. This is because surgical equipment can foster bacteria and other pathogens when improperly sterilized. These can result in a critical disease, thereby leading to more damage than ever. Thorough disinfection is very crucial to eliminate the bacteria.


A hygienic life can let us lead a healthy life. A disinfectant can help with this goal. It restricts the spread of the virus by killing and curbing its growth. A disinfectant can eliminate allergens on the surfaces, potentially resulting in asthma and other respiratory disorders. A disinfectant helps in keeping your house, working environment, and any surface bacteria-free. This, in turn, results in a healthy life and lifestyle.


Disinfectant is not just for contaminated hands but also for consuming water. UV or Chlorination water treatments are as essential to destroy organisms that can contaminate water. This can make the water unsafe to drink. Water disinfection ensures water safety and its consumption to good health.


Disinfectants help in eliminating bacteria and other microorganisms that can risk your health. With proper hygiene, a disinfectant helps maintain it. They minimize microbes and reduce the chance of their spread results in an illness/disease. A little time investment can garner good health for you and your family. It is worth having a safe and healthy house or workspace by making disinfecting the surfaces of your daily routine. If tedious, get a disinfectant service once in a while for thorough disinfection.

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